Another “Fuck Yeah” Roundup

Just to remind people that Fuck Yeah Mastodon has sister fan sites! Give them a little bit of love :)

Sites run by Doro:

Fuck Yeah Baroness

*Fuck Yeah Kylesa

Other sludgy Fuck Yeah sites:

*Fuck Yeah Dark Castle

*Fuck Yeah Julie Christmas

*Fuck Yeah Matt Pike

*Fuck Yeah Melvins

*Fuck Yeah Neurosis

Fuck Yeah Sludge Metal

* = Sites officially recognized by the bands

It is also a deep regret of mine to say that FuckYeahBlackTusk, FuckYeahElectricWizard, and FuckYeahRedFang have been deleted or discontinued. Really have no idea why, and it’s a damn shame.

If you have a sludgy “fuck yeah” site, send us a link!

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